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Funeral Planning Information & Form

Your Choice - Help those you have left behind make the right decision for you

The funeral is the final opportunity to say goodbye to a loved one, an occasion for family and friends to come together to support one another and an important element of the grieving process. The funeral is also as important as the reflection of the person who has passed away. 


The form provided here is designed to help you to be remembered in the sort of ceremony you would choose, to express your own personality and to comfort those you leave behind. 


By filling in this form you will ensure that you have some control over the arrangements made for the funeral. It gives you time to think through what you really want, and to consider realistically what you can afford. 


We can keep this form on file for you, so your family know that there is only one phone call that they need to make and your every specific wish will be taken care of, giving the total piece of mind and they will have peace of mind. We suggest you keep a photocopy in order that you may review it periodically and keep us updated with regard to any changes you may wish to make. Remember this form is all about YOU and your wishes, so if your beliefs, wishes or circumstances change in the future this form should be kept up to date to reflect these changes.

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