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Coffins and Caskets


Please note we are limited by production issues due to Covid, Call to discuss your choice and we will provide correct pricing 

We can help with choosing the right coffin or casket that best suits your requirements. We supply a wide range of styles to suit any wishes or budget for burial or cremation. We recognise that for some people choosing a coffin may be distressing but it would be inappropriate for us to make that decision for you. As such we are trained to deal sensitively with such discussions relating to the funeral and we will make ourselves available to deal with any questions or queries that you may have in this regard. In short we will do our best to help you and your loved ones to arrive at the most suitable choice of coffin and casket to suit your particular circumstances . 


Simply click on any of the links below to view our full range of coffins and caskets and if you have any questions about our range please do not hesitate to discuss this with us directly.  


Traditional Wooden Coffin 

As one of the oldest and most traditional of coffins we are able to supply a broad range of wood types in a wide variety of colours and finishes. Please feel free to discuss your requirements with our expert professional staff.


Wicker & Bamboo Coffins 

Choose a wicker or bamboo coffin for a lovely natural alternative to the traditional wooden coffin. This is a poignant solution if your loved one had an interest in nature. 


Pictorial Coffin 

These coffins are very popular these days, they add a personal touch. The cardboard coffins are environmentally conscious and are suitable for those looking to minimise their impact on the environment 



A perfect grand gesture and fond farewell to someone you loved and cared for. These caskets are reminiscent of funerals of a bygone era and still extremely popular today amongst the friends and family we assist.

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