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Special Order

We like to make every funeral personal to your loved one, a perfect way to do this is using a floral tribute to remind everyone of the persons love or interests. on this page you will find examples of bespoke tributes from our florist. So whatever meant a lot to them lets find an appropriate tribute 


image6 (4).jpeg
image6 (3).jpeg
image5 (4).jpeg
image1 (5).jpeg
image4 (7).jpeg
image5 (7).jpeg
image1 (6).jpeg
image3 (5).jpeg
image2 (6).jpeg
image8 (2).jpeg


image0 (5).jpeg
image4 (6).jpeg


image0 (3).jpeg
image2 (5).jpeg
image6 (5).jpeg
image1 (4).jpeg
image5 (6).jpeg
image4 (3).jpeg
image2 (5).png
image0 (2).jpeg
image3 (4).jpeg
image0 (12).jpeg
image1 (3).jpeg


image8 (3).jpeg
image9 (2).jpeg
image7 (6)_edited.jpg
image7 (5).jpeg
image7 (4).jpeg
image7 (3).jpeg
image7 (2).jpeg
image6 (7)_edited.jpg
image6 (2).jpeg
image5 (5).jpeg
image5 (3).jpeg
image3 (3).jpeg
image0 (4).jpeg
image4 (2).jpeg

Please note that all special flowers must be order a week prior to the funeral so they can be made in time, Any flowers you would like please call 0208 441 6062 so we can get them ordered for you

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image1 (2).jpeg
image4 (4).jpeg
image3 (3).jpeg
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