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Pre-Paid Funeral Plans 

Pre-Paid Funeral Plans 

More and more people want to ease the future burden on their family or friends by arranging and paying for their own funeral in advance. This is a simple process. We will help you plan the funeral of your choice. 


Our Funeral Plans are offered in association with Maplebrook Funeral Plan.


We offer a full range of services and prices to meet the needs of the families we serve. We realise families want the quality and value of our professional services at their time of need. 


Our pre-need counsellor can arrange a consultation with no cost or obligation in your home or ours: 


-> Recording of family information 

-> Recording of wishes and desires 

-> Selecting services and merchandise 

-> Flexible funding options 

Peace Of Mind is Priceless 

Our pre-need counsellor is trained to assist you in making your funeral plans NOW. This professional experience will ensure that the process is convenient, simple and most importantly, stress free. 


Affordable instalment plans to fit your budget – even interest free options. Or you can make a single payment to immediately finalise your plans. 


Give yourself and your loved ones the satisfaction and peace of mind knowing that your funeral arrangements have been made in accordance with YOUR wishes, and that your plans have already been funded. 


Pre-arrange now and eliminate these troubling questions your loved ones must face during an emotionally stressful time….. 


-> Is this what he/she would have wanted? 

-> Did I spend too much or too little? 

-> How am I going to pay for this? 

-> Did I forget anything? 

-> Did I forget to contact anyone? 


Choose the exact type of funeral service your desire. Funds can be put in place now – at today’s cost through pre-paid funeral plans. 


Advantages of Pre-Paid Funeral

Having many years' experience in the funeral industry we have come to realise that death is still a taboo subject for many. Just a few minutes spent running a Google search will show that people have no idea of the options available to them, much less so, how to make sure their wishes are carried out as they would like by those left behind. Follow the link below to review some examples of questions we found on the internet.


Funeral Planning Information & Form 

The funeral is the final opportunity to say goodbye to a loved one, an occasion for family and friends to come together to support one another and an important element of the grieving process. The funeral is also an important reflection of the person who has passed away. This form will help you to be remembered in the sort of ceremony you would choose, to express your own personality and to comfort those you leave behind. 

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