We have a wide range of Urns for you to choose from: For more urn options click here 
Norfolk Solid Oak.jpg
Norfolk Solid Oak - £100.00
Essex Solid Oak.jpg
Essex Solid Oak- £80.00
Kent Solid Oak.jpg
Kent Solid Oak- £100.00
Surrey Solid Oak.jpg
Surrey Solid Oak- £100.00
Surrey Veneered Oak.jpg
Surrey Veneered Oak-£60.00
Norfolk Solid Utile.jpg
Norfolk Solid Utile- £75.00
Essex Solid Utile.jpg
Essex Solid Utile- £80.00
Surrey Solid Utile.jpg
Surrey Solid Utile-£100.00
Surrey Veneered Saple.jpg
Surrey Veneered Saple- £80.00
Glitter Urn.jpg
Glitter Urn- £195.00
Solid Oak Vault Box.jpg
Solid Oak Vault Box- £65.00
Falling Leaves.jpg
Falling Leaves- £125.00
Seagrass- £80.00
Pink Floral.jpg
Pink Floral- £125.00
Wicker- £65.00
Ivory Flowers.jpg
Ivory Flowers- £125.00
Bamboo- £60.00
Travellers Atlas.jpg
Travellers Atlas- £125.00
Bronze on Aluminium.jpg
Bronze on Aluminium- £55.00
Farnham Flowers.jpg
Farnham Flowers- £160.00

If you would like to place an order please give us a call on 0208 441 6062.