Direct Plus Cremations 


The Package

Features of the Direct Plus Funeral package: 


  • Mourners may be present 

  • Veneered Coffin 

  • Cremation Fee 

  • Funeral Directors professional services 

  • Out of Hours Collections Available but subject to surcharge 

  • Collection of Deceased (between 9AM and 4PM Monday - Friday) 

  • Legal Paperwork 

  • Transportation direct to the Crematorium (Upgrade to a Hearse for £250

  • Music ordering - Please provide us with your music choices 48 hours prior to the service 



ALL INCLUSIVE CREMATIONS available at the following crematoriums:- 


BREAKSPEAR - 20 Minutes in the Chapel  

(9am or 9.30am Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday) - £1,300


ISLINGTON - 30 Minutes in Chapel (9.30am or10.15am) - £999 

(High Road N2 9AG) 


WEST LONDON - 30 Minutes in the Chapel (10am) - £1,250 


PUTNEY VALE - 20 Minutes in the Chapel (9am or 9.30am) - £1,200 


GOLDERS GREEN - 20 Minutes in the Chapel (9am, 9.30am or 10am) - £1,300


ST MARYLEBONE - 45 Minutes in the Chapel (9am) - £1,300


NEW SOUTHGATE - 20 Minutes in the Chapel (9am or 9.30am) - £1,400  


CITY OF LONDON - 20 Minutes in the Chapel (9.30am or 10am) - £1,450 



Return of Ashes (to a Postal Address) - £100 (areas outside of England, Wales may be subject to a surcharge) 

Pacemaker Removal - £50.00 If your loved one has a pacemaker it must be removed prior to the cremation (this is included when an Embalm is requested) 

Embalming - £200.00 (please note this is required after a post mortem has been carried out if you wish to view your loved one) 

Non Invasive preparation of Deceased (if required) - £80.00 

Out of Hours Collection Subject to Surcharge 

Please Note: Timings will depend on how busy we are - should you require a specific timeframe a surcharge may be applied. Storage will also be charged after 14 nights of £20 per night.  


There will also be a surcharge for oversized coffins. 


The Cost 

The cost is from 






Payment Terms 

Payments can be made by either bank transfer, DSS/DWP payments, debit or credit card. 


Please note that full payment must be made prior to us undertaking the funeral services you have requested.



  • Our classic wood
    effect coffin

  • Transport to the crematorium/ cemetery

  • 4 bearers

  • Personal funeral

  • Funeral and planning

  • Unattended


  • Bereavement


  • Free legal advice


  • Collection and care

      of the deceased


What Areas do we Cover 

Our Direct Cremation is available within the circled area. Areas outside of London and the Home Counties may be subject to a surcharge.