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What is Guardian Angel? 

Following the death of a loved one, a family has to suddenly change gear and organize an enormous amount in a very short period of time. Guardian Angel is a platform which we offer in order to turn this chaos into something managable and structured.  


Guardian Angel began so that no one would have to go through the bereavment process alone ever again. 


They provide private communication, a family to-do list, co-ordinated support and a private online place for funeral information.  


If you feel that this is something you would be interested in, please let us at Brooks know and we will create a support hub for your loved one.  


Simply click on the contact us button below to start your Support Hub! 


Contact Us 

Memories Page 


Tell people whats happening with a quick update, or to allow people to share photos, memories and support. 

Co Ordinated Support


Friends will want to send flowers and other gifts. Let Guardian Angel co-ordinate this for you.

To-Do List


Share ways family and friends can best help you, because they want to help and we want to make it as easy as possible. 

Key Times 


Update your network on visiting times, events and dead lines. Keeping them in the know helps everyone. 

Funeral Information 


Share Funeral information in a private and secure environment, not a public obituary for everyone to see! 



Allow your friends and family to donate to a chosen charity in loving memory of your loved one. 

If this is something you and your family would like to do, Please contact us to set your support Hub up for Free! 

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